Autism Distance Education Parent Training

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Module 2: Positive Behavior Strategies for Your Child with Autism

ADEPT Interface Overview
Module 2 Introduction
Lesson 1: Changing The Way You Think About Behavior
Lesson 2: Learning And Behavior
Lesson 3: The ABC's Of Behavior (Skills Teaching Revisited)
Lesson 4: Antecedents To Behavior Problems
Lesson 5: Preventing The Triggers
Lesson 6: Determining The Function
Lesson 7: Functional Communication
Lesson 8: Return To Skills Teaching
Lesson 9: Common Sense Strategies
Lesson 10: How Do I Know It's Working?

Helpful Forms And Checklists
Accessibility (508) Notes
Glossary of Key Terms

Funding for this project was provided by the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities,
Area Board III, and the Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
at the UC Davis MIND Institute.